Busy Hands

The other night I stopped and looked down at our dinner table that was filled with foods made from scratch.  I think I began cooking for that meal the day before when I had made the bread dough for that week’s bread.  I was tired and proud and I laughed.  I told my husband I was feeling more and more like a pioneer mom.  Now logically I know that I have way more at my disposal and modern conveniences at every turn, but I have a lot of respect for those ladies who had to do it all themselves.   

There are very few convenience foods I can eat which on most days is a very good thing.  My diet is a lot of fruit, vegetables and whatever else is usually made from scratch.  Thankfully I don’t have to kill the chicken or grind the flour, but I sure do have to plan out exactly what I am eating and how early to start making it.  If I don’t make it, there isn’t much to eat.  The other day I needed breadcrumbs but the ones we had in the pantry had soy or something in them.  I was out of old “safe” bread so to have breadcrumbs I had to make bread and then process them.  Lessons like these remind me to be more organized, have clear food plans each week and be aware of the food supplies on hand.

I’ve also come to realize how even though we didn’t eat out often or get take out very much, it was so nice to have that option when the nights or busy or I’m just plain tired of cooking.  Dinner didn’t turn out right? Just pop in a pizza! Whoops, not anymore. (Several of my cooking experiments lately have been less than successful. Disaster recaps coming soon.) 

My kitchen is busier than it has ever been.  My husband can’t believe how often we are running the dishwasher. Some days it feels like so much work but I also find myself proud of new cooking accomplishments.  Like my first homemade mayonnaise or an edible pancake that doesn’t contain any regular, soy, rice or oat milk. (Recipes to come.)  Once I get a wide base of safe recipes to work from, meal planning and cooking will be a little easier and hopefully life will feel a little less hectic.


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