Score one for home cooking

RSV has reared its nasty head here Colin has developed bronchiolitis (wheezing, labored breathing.)  He is one sick little guy but  powering through as long as I hold him.  Thank goodness for the Ergo baby carrier. We are nearing day 7 of two sick kids and now two sick  parents.  I have a new definition of exhaustion.  Hopefully I will get recipes blogged in a few days.   

Anyway, I did have a happy food moment this last weekend:

This weekend Hannah was given a cupcake with pink frosting and sprinkles.  It was a beautiful perfect cupcake, made by some giant conglomeration and packaged for a grocery store shelf.  Hannah was so excited.  She took one bite and said “This frosting doesn’t taste good.”   Worried it may have been bad, my husband took a bite.  He said it tastes like it always does, like fake frosting.  I started hopping around and quietly celebrating in the kitchen.  (Fist pumps – Yes! Yes! Yes!)  I whispered to my husband, “I think I’ve spoiled her on good food!”    Score one for homemade food! 

Although home cooking is pretty much a requirement for us now due to the allergy issues, I have a secret hope that by giving Hannah mostly homemade food and teaching her about cooking, she will grow up with a preference for things that are better for her and naturally avoid the prepackaged foods filled with all kinds of things not meant for our bodies.  Don’t get me wrong.  I have a weakness for Oreos myself (when I could eat them) and rely on some pre-made things to replace foods we can’t have. Hannah gets to have processed foods here and there and she gets to have candy now and then.   We try to teach her how to make good food choices and how “junk food” can be enjoyed responsibly.   I don’t want her to go to college someday and go crazy eating crap food because she felt deprived growing up  or because she doesn’t know how to make something better.

Only time will tell what kind of food choices Hannah will make for herself when she leaves the safety of our little nest someday, and the cupcake incident may have just been a fluke, but little victories like these are nice to have!


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