Thanks Dierbergs!

 A week ago I had turned in a comment card asking my local grocery store, Dierbergs, if they could carry the Earth’s Balance Soy Free spread.  It is one of the items I have to go across town to find at Whole Foods.  Although I love Whole Foods, sometimes I just don’t have the energy to take two kids there for one or two items I need.  (If you’ve ever tried to shop with two small children I know you’ve experienced that kind of fun.)

To my surprise someone with Dierbergs called today to let me know they will now be stocking the Earth’s Balance at my store! I guess I didn’t really expect a big store to cater to the needs of one individual.   Thanks Dierbergs!  They definitely are earning my repeat business.  She did say they have carried it at other stores so it was easy for her to get the UPC codes to send to my store, so it probably wasn’t a lot of work for them.  Still, I never imagined such quick or personalized service from a huge grocery chain. 

If there are products you need, don’t be afraid to ask your local store for them.  You never know until you try!


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