Peanuts – Fail

Colin was finally feeling better after a month of being down due to immunizations followed immediately by RSV and a wheezing condition that left him really tired.  I decided to try a challenge food through my breastmilk.  To challenge basically means I eat something we suspect may be a trigger, while keeping the rest of my diet pretty much the same, and watching for any reactions after a day or two. Colin usually reacts 1-3 days after I eat something although spicy stuff seems to get there in a hurry.  We decided to try peanuts because nuts were a food we took off the list of safe foods without much evidence.  We knew they were a common allergy trigger and we connected a week of Colin screaming with the week I was eating a lot of trail mix.  It just seemed safer to remove all nuts from my diet.  There were still other food triggers in my diet back then, like rice and chicken, so we more recently we began to wonder about the nuts.  And I have been craving peanut butter.  It is so hard to make Hannah’s sandwiches some days and not dive into the jar of creamy peanut butter.  I would also really like to be able to use almond milk or almond butter,  but not having any of those on hand to test with, I chose to start with peanuts.

Although I would have liked to eat the whole jar of peanut butter for the challenge, I started with just a small spoonful of it once a day for two days.   To my dismay Colin very soon broke out in eczema on his head.  The exact same eczema spots that were really bad before we started eliminating things from my diet.  I waited one more week and tried peanut butter again to make sure it wasn’t something else I’d eaten and Colin got the eczema again. Like a big red stop sign on his forehead saying, “Mom, cut it out.  I don’t do peanut butter.” A few days of Aveeno eczema lotion for Colin and no more trips to the peanut butter jar for me and all is well.   Since his reaction was not really GI related and more of a skin symptom, I am wondering if peanuts are a true allergy for him, like the usual peanut allergy you hear about, and not a protein issue.

Hopefully almonds will be better.


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