Chicken Taco Seasoning

I spend way too much time at the grocery store,  reading the back of pretty much anything that isn’t fresh produce.  One thing I found myself looking at much too often was taco seasoning.  I usually forget which brand we buy and since ingredients can change without warning, I was re-reading the back of the package each time anyway.  My sister gave me the idea to check at our favorite spice store, Penzey’s Spices, to see if they had something in bulk I could keep on hand.  Eureka!   I’m not sure why it hadn’t dawned on me before to get things like this at Penzeys.  I headed off to the store in our area and found they had multiple taco seasonings.  The regular and bold taco seasoning contained lactose.  The chicken taco seasoning however, did not.   The blend smelled good and so I bought a jar to try it out.    I used it some tacos we had that week and my whole family loved it.  I saw on their website that I can order it in various sizes, up to a 1lb bag!  No more reading all the packages at the grocery store for me!


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