Making Progress

Colin is five months old now and recently I stopped to realize that although we still have to work on identifying all of his food allergies, he has come a long way in the last two months.  Two months ago he was spitting up all the time, projectile vomiting, and his diapers were a green mess after every feeding.   We just accepted that this was the way it was going to be for him.  These days the spitup and scary diapers are more occasional than everyday.  It is also easier to see when foods bother him because we have more “good days” than bad and we can see a change after I eat something. I also think he is looking better.  No more looks of dehydration and he is starting to pork up a bit now, nice round cheeks and little turkey legs on him.  I think it took eliminating a lot of foods and time for his intestines to heal to get to this better place.

There still are allergens we haven’t identified.  Last week Colin began spitting up every day and his sleep was awful!!  I kept reading over my food log but was totally perplexed and frustrated.  I had no idea what it was and still don’t.  Was it actually something I ate?  Was something I ate contaminated with soy from the factory? Usually we don’t have a problem with things made in the same factory but maybe this time whatever I ate was full of soy sprinkles (as my husband jokingly calls the soy in everything in the market).    Was it because Colin was teething?  I’ve heard teething or illness can exacerbate reflux.  There are so many variables and sometimes they are overwhelming.

Weeks like last week I think about going back on a total elimination diet, where I just eat 6 things over and over for a week and add new foods in one at a time.   Last time I tried that kind of diet it was terrible on Colin and myself.  I was starving all the time and it threw off my digestive balance, putting me in the same boat that Colin was already in.  Meanwhile, Colin just whimpered and whimpered so I stopped after barely a week.  Now I think that two of the foods that were supposed to be good choices, chicken and sweet potatoes, were foods that seem to bother Colin.  Jeesh!  Instead of swapping foods in and out trying to find a safe 6 for a baseline, I just decided to keep an uber detailed food/symptom log.  I keep track of everything that I eat and drink and also Colin’s sleep quality, poo, spitup, fussiness and other things like eczema or supplements like a probiotic.  At some point I may go back on an elimination diet but I’m hoping we won’t have to go there.

Right now I am not eating any form of soy, dairy, rice, chicken, peas, most beans, chocolate, sweet potatoes, avocado, nuts or anything the least bit spicy.  It sure makes meal planning hard, especially since I don’t want to eat red meat every day of my life.  Some days I get really down, feeling deprived and depressed, usually because I don’t have enough safe food in the house for me to eat or because I want to eat outside of my own house.  I definitely feel better when I plan better.  This blog has helped me a lot by having a place to keep track of things I can eat, a reminder that there are safe foods and also motivation to keep finding new foods that I can eat.

As Colin nears the six month mark I see this road is going to be a lot longer than I had originally hoped.  I thought by now we would have identified all of his allergy triggers and would maybe be outgrowing some.  I would say we know the big players but still have more to figure out.  The good news is we have had the chance to do some challenges since he is having good days and determine that some foods are for sure a problem and weren’t just confused with other triggers in the past.   Even having that confirmation is progress.  This week I am trialing almonds to see if there is at least one nut that I could eat, not to mention all the things I could make out of it.  Two days in and Colin seems to be doing fine.   Hopefully almonds will be a success but if not, at least it is more information and a small step forward.


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