Kielbasa and Kraut

When you have to cook most everything you eat, ideas for quick and easy meals are so wonderful to have in your recipe box.  One of our favorites is kielbasa and kraut.  I grew up eating sauerkraut and spareribs (there are those German roots for ya), but I had never had kielbasa.  So I guess this recipe really came from my husband and his family.  Kielbasa is basically just Polish sausage.  There are several varieties at our grocery store, containing different mixtures of beef, pork or turkey.   The turkey is a healthier options but the beef is oh so delicious. For this recipe I chose one made by Farmland because it was dairy and soy free.

I love this recipe because it only requires three ingredients.  The kielbasa, some sauerkraut and your favorite bbq sauce.  My favorite sauce is actually Super Smokers St. Louis Style sauce, but I had to go with Gates Sweet and Mild sauce to get a soy free bbq sauce.

Grilled Kielbasa and Kraut


Kielbasa (Polish Sausage) – dairy and soy free variety

BBQ Sauce –  I use Gates

Small can of sauerkraut

Equipment – Grill or Grill pan


Preheat a grill pan * on the stove top over medium heat.  Open the kielbasa and cut into 3 large segments.  Split each of those large pieces down the middle lengthwise.  Place the kielbasa on the grill pan and cook about 7 minutes a side until the internal temperature is 180 degrees. 

You will see juices bubbling on the surface.  Serve with bbq sauce and sauerkraut that is room temperature or you can warm it briefly in the microwave.

*Sometimes we make this on our Weber grill outside, following the same directions.


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