Squash Fail but Busy Moving

Looks like we are still looking for a safe food for Colin.  We gave bananas another go and they definitely caused eczema.  We keep trying oatmeal, varying the consistency, trying with my milk or water and mixing it with other foods, but Colin is just not a fan.  We decided to move on to squash but didn’t have great luck there either.

Normally I would make my own baby food,  but I didn’t want to make a whole batch of something that Colin could end up being allergic to.  I purchased the Sprout Organics squash since it was just squash, absolutely no additives. Straight out of the pouch it was definitely too thick for my little guy so I thinned it out with some of my milk.  Colin ate it with gusto!  He even leaned into the spoon and opened his mouth for more. Yay!  I’m glad to see he can eat off a spoon and swallow food without gagging.  Unfortunately he had diarrhea several times after eating so no more squash.

Recently I came across this link which is a guide for starting solids with a baby who is Milk Soy Protein Intolerant (MSPI).  This is the first guide of this type that I’ve seen.  It recommends starting with certain vegetables, meats and fruits last.  So I’ll give this guide a go and maybe try carrot, potato or broccoli next.

In non-food news Colin is happily motoring around.  He can turn all around, flip over and back and get himself from his tummy to sitting.  He has only figured out how to crawl backwards which often leads to him ending up in funny places.  He backs himself into corners and a few times has almost crawled under a bed.  What a nut.  He definitely keeps us entertained.


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