Solid Food Success!

Just wanted to share that we found Colin’s first successful solid food- carrots!   We did a full 7 days, slowly increasing the amount of carrots he ate and we didn’t see any signs of tummy issues, sleeping problems or skin reactions.  It feels so great to find something that Colin can eat.  I felt a huge sense of relief as the days of the carrot food trial went on and we saw that he was doing fine.   It makes me feel a lot more hopeful that there will be many other solid food successes to come.   Here’s to solid success and lots of orange diapers ahead!

The current food standings:

Solid Food Success- Carrots!

Solid Food Fails- Oats, Pears, Banana, Apple, Squash

(Writing this made me laugh.  It reminded me of the show Deadliest Catch.   Can we get a sponsor like the “Verizon Wireless Crab Count” on Deadliest Catch?   How about the Brawny Paper Towel Solids Standings?)


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