Walking his own little path

Colin is 9 months old! I can’t believe how fast time has gone!  Colin celebrated by getting his first tooth.  We’ve seen signs it was coming for a while but it finally poked through.  I was really sure when I nursed him.  The pediatrician and dentist both told us “Oh, it will be a bottom tooth first. ”  Something like 95% of kids get their bottom teeth first.  Well Colin, as original as ever, got his top right tooth.  My little nut, always doing things his own way.

Despite the usual teething discomfort,  he has been a happy talkative guy.  He’s busy exploring, pulling up, and standing while holding onto things with one hand.  I just marvel at how fast he is developing.  He crawled backwards for about a month and then in a span of two weeks figured out how to crawl forward, pull up and take little steps to cruise down the furniture a ways.  He’s very confident, letting go with one hand and looking at us like, “Yeah, I’m going to just go for a walk now.”  I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he is like his sister and walks at 10 months.

In food we are still having success with carrots.  We trialed avocado and although it seemed like it might be a pass, he had a building reaction.   He fussed more and more over the week and was doing an odd breathing/whimpering.  He started screaming more and more at night.  We thought it could be teething but the baby motrin usually knocks out the teething pain pretty well.   Colin was screaming despite any pain meds.  We decided to stop avocado and see if it got better and over two nights the screaming stopped.  He is still definitely teething but is sleeping so much better and happier in the day.  Soo…no more avocado for a while.

We decided to retry squash.  Looking back through our notes Colin had been sick right around the two times we tried it before.  We hadn’t given it an extended trial so we are giving squash another chance.  We are a few days in and things seem ok.  We will give it a full 7 days to make sure we don’t have another building reaction like avocado.

Realizing that Colin was approaching 9 months and had 1 safe food, we felt it was really time to move on getting some professional help.  I’m really at a loss of what foods to try and worried about his growth from here out since he seems so hungry lately.  He’s moving all day long and some days I think he needs more calories.  So early this week we met with our pediatrician.  He said Colin looks good, is gaining weight pretty well but agreed we should look for some answers and maybe some outside help like a food allergist or a pediatric GI.  He wanted to start with some blood work to rule out celiac disease and a I think he did a basic food allergy panel.  We don’t have the results yet but I feel some reassurance that he is on our team, ready to look for some answers.  I’m not sure what he will find and where it will lead us, but it has started the ball rolling to figure out all of these food issues.


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  1. Hi I just found your blog! My son is 4 months old with MSPI and silent reflux. I’m scared to try solids whenever that day comes. I hope to learn a lot from your experiences!

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