Celiac and Food Allergy Testing

We got the results back from Colin’s blood work.  Both the celiac test and the food allergy panel (all the major common food allergies) came back negative.  His IgA was high.

What does all of this mean?  Well, we weren’t too surprised by the celiac and food allergy panel results.  I survive on wheat and Colin seems to be ok with it.  Also the doctor told us 6 months ago that food allergy testing wouldn’t be very informative since Colin’s food protein issues are a different response in the body than typical food allergies.  He’s also told us several times that food allergy testing at this age tends to be very unreliable.  Lots of false negatives.  It is my guess that the reason for finally ordering these tests were to try to rule out the usual suspects and to  justify sending us on for more help.

The other blood test was an IgA test.  As I understand it, the IgA test measures the levels of a specific antibody in the blood.  This test was used to make sure Colin was able to mount a proper immune response, therefore validating the test results to some respect. A low IgA would be of concern and mean the test results weren’t reliable.  Colin’s IgA was high but the nurse practitioner said she didn’t think it meant anything.  I did a quick search on the web and found various sources saying that a high IgA can caused by a huge number of things since IgA rises in response to allergens.  For now I will file that one away in my head and just mention it to any other doctors we see in case it could be a piece to the puzzle.

We go back this week for Colin’s 9 month check up and to talk about where we go from here.  We plan to ask if a pediatric GI or food allergist would be more helpful or if we need both.

Our squash re-trial was a fail.  Another building reaction.  By the end of the week Colin was crying every hour at night.  I stopped feeding him squash and the next two nights he slept better and better.  It was a relief for all of us to stop squash.  We took this last week off of trialing solids and everyone slept so well.

This week we are going to try chicken.  Hopefully the protein family will be easier on his system!


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  1. Hi! My daughter is 5 yrs. old and also had high IgA and negative for Celiac. I am concerned that it could be food allergies as well. I am wondering if you had a blood test to test for allergies. I think I will ask for that for my daughter.

    • We did do the blood test. Everything came back negative. With my little guy it is very unreliable due to his age. We may do it again in a year or two. Hopefully since your daughter is five it will provide some helpful information for you!

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