Food Successes!

I feel like I haven’t written about Colin’s food trials in a while.  Since Colin started cruising around I have so little free time.  I am happy to have a quiet moment to sit and write lots of happy news!

Recently we decided to change our trialing methods to see if we could find more foods Colin could eat.  I was becoming very anxious about Colin’s lack of safe foods and his growing appetite.  We’ve also had so many failures in row and Colin’s interest in food has been waning.  I think he reached his fill of carrots a while ago.  I decided that if he didn’t have major reactions like vomiting or diarrhea, maybe we would try shortening food trials if the first days seemed to go well or also try not giving the new food every day.   I hoped Colin would eat more if he had some variety.  I also wondered if I didn’t feed him the new food every single day if it would reduce the sleep disruptions.   Maybe it would give his body time to acclimate to the new food.  Since our pediatrician couldn’t give us any real help and we don’t see the food allergist for another month, I’ve been making this up as I go, trying to find something that might work.  My trialing methods may be faulty and require backtracking later, but the good news is that I think we have some new foods to add to his safe solids and foods I can eat again!

1. Rice.   I can eat rice again! This is HUGE!!  I trialed this through my diet and later tried feeding rice cereal to Colin.  It is clear that rice in my diet is no longer bothering him, but he really doesn’t want to eat rice cereal.  He turns his head after one taste, no matter what I mix it in.  The one time I got him to eat some he became constipated so we aren’t pushing this as a solid for him.  But I can eat rice! It has opened a whole lot of foods to me.  I can buy Udi’s bread at the store instead of making sandwich bread.  This is SOOO great!  I can order a dish at Pei Wei (Chinese food) that they can make soy and dairy free!  Takeout food? Yes, please!  And not to forget, RICE MILK!  Oh, I’m so thankful there is a convenient milk alternative I can use now.  It just makes my life so much easier.

2.  Wheat– We gave Colin a wheat teething biscuit.  He loved it and has seemed to do fine with it.  Wheat in my diet never bothered him and the celiac test was negative so I thought this was a good food to try.  The teething biscuit definitely makes eating time more fun for him.  He had a few bites of cream of wheat and seemed to do well.   There is a lot of iron and calcium in that so I hope it will be our answer for an iron rich food for now.

3.   Corn –  Corn was another vegetable that never seems to bother Colin when I eat it.  Colin was really excited about this new taste and will eat more of this than anything else we’ve tried to date.  It does seem to give him a bit of the “winds” but he doesn’t seem fussy or have sleep issues so we’ll take it as a success.

4.  Chicken – Our pediatrician said to skip fruit and try proteins so we started with chicken.  To our surprise and delight Colin has done really well with it.  We’ve actually found mixing chicken into his other foods has helped him eat more.

Having all these successes is such a relief for me and Colin seems to be enjoying it too.  While he doesn’t eat much, it is a great start and hopefully with some time and practice he will become a great little eater!


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