Cider Simmered Brats

This weekend for Labor Day we decided to try something new on the grill.  My husband received the “Weber Way to Grill” grilling cookbook for this birthday and we gave “Cider Simmered Brats with Apples and Onions” a go.  It was fabulous.  It is definitely a new combination of flavors for us but that is why I love it.  All the flavors worked together perfectly and they were a great change from the usual brat toppings.  They have the recipe and a video online here.  I used a package of Johnsonville Brats, they were dairy and soy free, and I ate mine without a bun.  I could have made my own bun but didn’t have the time. Also, don’t be scared by the words “apple butter” in the mustard topping for the brats.  All the apple butter I have ever had is completely butter free. It is actually a thick jamlike spread made solely of fruit and spices.  It’s easier to find in the fall but some apple jelly would work in a pinch.


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