Finger Foods and Eggs

In my last post about our foods, we were trialing banana.   Colin likes banana and they don’t seem to cause any sleep or GI issues but he gets red spots on his face when he eats them.  We’ve decided to call them a pass but in limited quantities just to keep the eczema at bay.   That brings our safe list to Rice, Wheat, Corn, Chicken, and Carrots and some Banana.

About a month or so ago Colin really started making progress on the whole texture/gagging issue so I decided to start trying finger food with him.  It was definitely about time and my little guy needed to get some fine motor practice going.  So I dived in by giving him Kix and Puffed Wheat cereals.  To my surprise he did wonderful and LOVES them.  He is not too excited about purees anymore and wants to feed himself.  I’m really happy we didn’t need feeding therapy but now I’m challenged to find ways to present his safe foods to him in finger food form.   I feel like a chef on Food Network, given a basket of foods and told to make something out of them.  I’m definitely thinking outside the box for his meals these days.

We decide to trial eggs since it would open up a lot of other foods I could make for him and I also wanted to make him a first birthday cake of some kind.  The egg trial does not seem to be going well, Colin is up several times an hour and crying, but we aren’t giving up yet.   Looking into a backup plan I’ve found a cake mix that is egg, soy, peanut, dairy free and just real ingredients like flour, sugar, salt, vanilla, nothing weird.  I’m going to do a test run and I’ll  let you know the results of that one soon.

Yes my little man is about to be a 1 year old!  I just can’t believe how fast time flies with the second child.  Colin is busy busy, walking all over the house and chasing the cat.  Right now he loves lights and points them out to us all day long.  He also reminds me of Helen Keller right now, wanting to know the words for everything.   I’m sure his receptive vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds.  His expressive vocabulary list is pretty short.  In addition to pointing and sometimes signing “drink” or “all done,”  he says “Dada” and “Ba Ba” for bye-bye.   We have an early childhood teacher who meets with us every month, a free service from our school district, and she says Colin looks great developmentally.   Colin’s weight is good too.  Still nursing every two hours day and night, my little monkey is putting on some weight and chub rolls on his legs.  I’m sure he’ll be fine at our checkup next month.



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