The Secret To Better Frosting

I just have a moment to write while my kiddos finish up their naps, but I wanted to get this out before you start planning your holiday goodies and shopping lists.    I discovered the secret to making better frosting- dairy or dairy free:  Powdered Sugar that is 100% cane sugar.   No beet sugar!  This may be known to a lot of you already but it was a HUGE revelation for me.

In the past year I’ve made a lot of different dairy free frostings trying to find something similar to buttercream icing.  The results of these frosting experiments haven’t always been super smooth and I chalked it up to using various butter substitutes.  I figured the new ingredients were messing up the texture and accepted it for what it was.  More recently though I thought the frosting was even more grainy than normal.  I googled it and found a post somewhere explaining that grainy frosting is usually due to cheap powdered sugar that has been made with beet sugar instead of cane sugar.   I jumped up and looked at the generic powdered sugar that I have always used.  It just said sugar and cornstarch.  I looked at the bag of the brand name powdered sugar when I went to the store and it said “Pure Cane Sugar- No Beet Sugar.”  (So I guess the sugar people already knew it made a difference).

I made some frosting with the new 100% cane sugar powdered sugar and oh my goodness!  It was sooo smooth, like whipped cream compared to the stuff I’d been eating.  I had no idea the difference it could make!  It makes the dairy free frosting recipe I use SOO much better.   I couldn’t stop eating it out of the bowl.  I will NEVER buy the generic kind again for using in a recipe!



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  1. I am allergic to cane sugar because I have a severe wheat-gluten allergy and cane sugar, being a grain, sets me off as well. So I love the beet sugar for cooking and baking. I guess some cooks not used to beet sugar may have a problem, but if it is the difference between an allergic reaction or not. I will take the beet sugar.

    • If an allergy kept me from cane sugar I would use beet sugar in a heartbeat! The difference is really subtle. Glad you have something you can use! Thats what food allergy cooking is all about right?! Finding alternatives that work for our bodies and still taste good! I don’t know much about gluten intolerance, it always amazes me that we have that as a pass, so thanks for the information.

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