Allergy Elimination/MSPI Diet- One Year In

I realized over my Thanksgiving meal that I had made it a whole year on this crazy allergy elimination diet.  Last year all the diet restrictions were new and all I ate was cranberries and turkey.  This year I had a whole plate of wonderful and safe foods. Granted, I’ve been able to add a few things to my diet but the majority of things were safe foods I’d found or created.  I realized how far I’ve come, learning and making accommodations to make this diet/lifestyle possible and how much Colin has improved.

Last year at this time Colin was about two months old and well into the nightmarish colic phase.  He started screaming by 8pm and it lasted 4-7 hours.  My husband and I were trading off who had “Colic Duty” shifts to keep our sanity.  Colin leaked milk whenever you laid him down so sleep was terrible.  He had constant diarrhea, blood in his diaper, an allergy diaper rash, eczema all over his face and belly, was spitting up/vomiting profusely and when he was awake, he was often arching his back and waving his arms around.  In between all of this he was a smiler, believe it or not, but boy was he having a rough time.  I had just begun removing things from my diet, starting with milk and then soy.

Fast forward to today. We have a diagnosis for Colin. (FPIES/MSPI/Food Protein Enteropathy)  I removed lots of food triggers from my diet and we are in a good place.  The colic is gone. Thank Goodness!!!  Colin is nursing but also eating solid foods (I wasn’t sure we’d ever find safe ones).  He can eat chicken, corn, carrots, rice, wheat, bananas and apples.  When we arent’ food trialing his reflux is gone, diaper rash and eczema are rare and his diaper contents are normal.   He is a super happy giggly active little guy running around meeting all his milestones with ease.  He isn’t a great sleeper, but with his history and sleep disruptions during food trials, it’s not a surprise. We are so thankful we are for where we are right now.

When I began the MSPI diet, followed by eliminating many other food triggers, I was depressed, starving and clueless as to what to eat.  I did a lot of label reading and internet surfing.  I started a word document to keep track of the foods I could eat and it became the beginning of this blog.  Although the deprivation of this diet is still really hard, as you can see by my recipes/snacks/products pages, I’ve got a decent number of foods I can eat and use for cooking.  I’ve also found lots of other websites, blogs, and allergy recipe pages to help augment my menu.  If you are just starting out, know that it is tough, the learning curve is huge but you CAN do this for your child!  I never would have thought I could make it this far, but I’m really proud that I have and I’ve been able to get Colin to a healthier place.


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  1. I need your strength! I’ve been at this for a year but doing it all on my own. We don’t have much help from doctors, they usually seem to think its because I’m breastfeeding and she’s used to waking. I think there’s a deeper problem. My daughter reflexes with dairy, soy, coconut and cinnamon and gets bad gas and constipated with a large amount of other foods. How did you come up with a diagnosis? Do you have any advice? So glad I’m not the only one and in so happy I found your blog.

    • Sorry this has taken so long- our internet is really spotty this week. First I want to say thanks for reaching out. Its great to connect with other moms gonig through this too. It is tough! Good for you for making it a year on your own. Is your daughter eating many solids? Do you visit any message boards? I get on babycenter now and then, they have an mspi board which has been really helpful.
      I find doctors are not very helpful. We’ve found through a lot of reading that the scientific community doesn’t know a lot about this yet and more often we find doctors know even less about it. Colin is only the second kid the pediatrician has seen with these issues. They often tell us the same thing, that Colin’s sleep is due to breastfeeding or other things, when really I think that is the speech they give everyone since they dont know why your kid isn’t sleeping. I know for sure Colin’s sleep is hugely different depending on what he is eating. It is never great but can be terrible/awful when his belly is upset. It sounds like your daughter has some food sensitivities too. Have you had any tests done? Our diagnosis basically came through journal/data and exclusion. They figured out what is wasn’t and lined up the rest with symptoms and also by seeing improvement after removing foods like dairy and soy. Colin had allergy testing done twice, an upper GI series, blood tests, diaper contents tested, and everythign came back negative except for seeing reflux on the GI series. Our doctor said it was likely to be food protein induced enteropathy. After i removed some foods from my diet he got a bit better and he mentioned MSPI. After the scary vomiting/lethargy after eating oats we firmly asked for a referral to a pediatric allergist. They doctor didn’t think a pedi. GI would be much help. The fellow at the the allergiest office said we were seeing classic food protein induced entercolitis with oats. But with all these name/diagnosis, there is no one test and no real treatment other than avoiding the food. With the reflux issues your little one has I would say you should see a pediatric GI if you haven’t already. I keep a journal still to help my sanity and look for any patterns I might be missing. Hope that is a little helpful!

  2. Could you possibly share the best way to go about food journals? It’s so hard for meto go longer than 2 days eating the same foods. I think it gets harder the longer we do this. In February were traveling via plane and I am terrified how were going to do when not I’m the comforts of my home and on a plane. However I have decided to stop letting it prevent me from doing things with my daughter.

    • Again, kudos for making it is so long. It is soo tough. I tried the elimination, eating a few foods for a week but it was too tough on me and Colin. So I tried eating basically the same kind of foods/meals for 3-4 days. I didnt’ always eat the same foods but tried to stay in the same food famillies– like wheat for breakfast. I ate dinner leftovers at lunch so help reduce the number of new foods in my diet. I tried to eat the same sandwich for lunch if i wasn’t eating leftovers. I really then tried eating one “suspect” food a week. I would highlight it in my food journal. I had a column going down the other side of the page where I kept track of Colin’s sleep, reflux, fussiness, and poo. I made general notes and highlighted any changes. I looked for any correlations.
      I have to go get Colin now 😉 but I’ll try to come back and write about my travel more. I dont know if you saw this
      Its awesome you aren’t letting this challenges limit your life anymore than you have to!

      • Oh yes eating lots of solids. I can’t keep this girl full. We’ve been to a pedi GI, but I really feel like her reflux is the result of food allergies. The medicine doesn’t help much, I’m to a point where I think it’s unnecessary but I’m afraid of not giving it to her. She has an appt monday with her pedi and im going to ask about seeing an allergist. ive always thought this was a food allergy and not something else. Sounds like we have the same time of diet, I just need to start journaling everything! Thanks for the response! I’m sooo thankful to hear Shes not the only one because I was starting to think she was. Hopefully we have some doctors where we are that know a little on the subject. Time to start doing more research! 🙂

      • Btw I did see your posts on traveling. That’s how I found your blog! Do I recall correctly that you have another child? Do they have allergies or sensitivies?

      • Yes, I have another child who is 4. She had terrible acid reflux with projectile spitup/vomit that medicine never helped. She grew out of it around a year or so. After a year she seemed fine with solids except pineapple. She was very very sensitive to that so we really wonder if her reflux was undiagnosed food sensitivites.

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