Happy Baby Foods

I was in Target recently and was excited to see that Happy Baby Foods has come out with a new line of foods and redone their puffs so the puffs are now all  gluten, dairy, corn, and soy free.   We even found some oat free varieties so my little guy can have his first puffs!  They also have “yogurt like” puffs made out of coconut milk called Happy Creamies.  I’d love to try those someday.

They have some other mspi friendly looking foods, fruit squeezers combined with coconut milk and some rice cakes.  I think the rice cakes are still made on the same equipment with soy/milk so that might not work for us mspi families.

There is an excellent chart on their site which shows what major allergens may be present in their foods.

My little guy can’t eat most of these new things since they are food combos/fruits and he is only up to apples and bananas for safe fruits but I had to share my find, hoping maybe it will help some of your little ones!


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