December Food Finds

Here are some of my new dairy/soy free food finds.  One is a great find, the second is just a maybe, since there is a chance of soy/dairy contamination.

1.  Wholly Wholesome Pie Crust –  I had to laugh that I discovered this after making my last post about apple pie and dairy/soy free crust.  I could have just told you to go get this pie crust!  Well now you have option, right?   My sister gets the credit for finding this one in her grocery store when trying to make a pie I could eat.  I have such great family.  She got hers at HyVee but I used the product locator on the Wholly Wholesome site and was found I could buy them at Whole Foods.  They are in the freezer section and probably easier to find now that it is holiday time.  The brand has traditional, whole wheat and spelt pie crusts.  You can check them out here and click on the pictures to get an ingredient list for each variety.  I tried the traditional crust and thought it was flaky and delicious.  The traditional crust actually won in a 2009 Good Housekeeping taste test of frozen/refrigerated/from a mix pie crusts.  I highly recommend it if you are in a pinch or just looking for a good pie crust.  I like the look of a homemade crust better but Wholly Wholesome crust is definitely flakier than my crust recipe.

2. Annie’s Bunny Grahams-Cinnamon flavor – My 4-year-old loves Annie’s snacks and I indulge her every once in a while.  Usually she wants the cheddar bunnies but I happened to pick up a box of the cinnamon bunnies and realized the ingredient list looked pretty friendly: Whole grain wheat flour, cane sugar, safflower and/or sunflower oil, graham flour, corn flour, honey, calcium carbonate , salt, cinnamon, baking soda, cinnamon and vanilla flavor.  However, they are made on equipment that also processes egg, milk and soy.  So, these may or may not be a good choice, depending on your child’s sensitivities.  I usually stay away from things made on the same equipment but I’ll admit I’ve snacked on a few here and there lately.  So tasty and we are kind of in between food trials.   Annie’s has all the ingredients and nutritional info for their snacks here.

– For those of you who read the old title about allergy friendly finger foods, I made it a separate post I will post soon.  Sorry for the confusion!


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