Coconut, Trials and Progress

It’s been busy around our house.  Colin has learned to climb on everything, especially the kitchen chairs.  We’ve caught him trying to scramble up to grab the light fixture over the table.   What a monkey!  I can’t take my eyes off of him or else he’s into mischief.  Good thing he is so darn cute!

We’ve been seeing some food success here lately! Once Colin was finally over all his various illnesses, we started trialing some new things:  coconut and now sweet potato.

I’ve been looking forward to coconut for quite a while.   I’ve been wanting to get more fat in Colin’s diet and there are a lot of dairy substitute products that are made with coconut.  We gave Colin some coconut yogurt and I put some organic coconut oil on his bread one night.  He’s up to eating a few spoonfuls of the yogurt in one day and so far so good!  He was really excited to have something new and so different.  I bought the So Delicious greek style coconut yogurt in both vanilla and plain for Colin and a strawberry one for me.  You do need to stir them up for a smoother consistency but they are really good.  The vanilla and plain were both really tasty and the plain is really close to normal plain yogurt.  I tried strawberry but wasn’t a fan and Hannah wouldn’t eat it either.  The strawberry and coconut flavors were fighting it out- the result wasn’t good.  So we’ll stick with the simple stuff.  I am excited the yogurts have live cultures in them.  I’m hoping they will be good for Colin’s digestive system, maybe making other trials easier.  Who knows?!

Beside the coconut spread by Earth balance that I’d like to be able to use in Colin’s cooking, there are several new coconut products I’d love to try sometime.  Happy Baby brand foods (one of my new favorite brands!) now has Happy Creamies (like yogurt drops but made with coconut milk) and Happy Tot pouches that are coconut milk and fruit. Most are a blend of fruits or fruits and veggies and so I’m not sure we are a match for anything just yet, but hopefully soon. (We are currently buying the Happy Puffs banana puffs – they are oat free. Check them out if you are looking for allergy friendly puffs.)

Since coconut has been going well, we just started a sweet potato trial.  When Colin was younger he used to react when I ate sweet potato,  so I’ve avoided them for over a year.  I decided it was time to get over our fear of them and give it another go.  I ate some sweet potatoes whipped with honey and cinnamon (my favorite) for a few days and things seemed fine.  Colin has now eaten a few bites of boiled sweet potato and had a little bit of an apple-sweet potato squisher (those baby food pouches) but not much.   No big reactions so far so hopefully it will be a pass.

With both the coconut and sweet potato trials we didn’t give Colin the new food every single day, but we try/tried  for most days or every other day.  Part of me is hoping that not giving him the new food every single day will help him acclimate to it.   Maybe he could tolerate some foods if he was only getting a bit now and then.  As a kid I could handle drinking a little milk but a bowl of ice cream gave me eczema.  So could small doses be the solution for Colin with his foods?  I don’t really know.  I hate to think maybe we’ve called things fails that could have been passes if we’d done it differently.   Since no doctors have been helpful in this area we have a new theory every week here about what is going on and how we should be going about this.  I also know that in two weeks if he is screaming at night I will be up wondering if it is teeth or is it a recently added food that he may have eaten a lot of.  So yeah, this isn’t good science, just eagerness to find new successes.  I know Colin wants to try foods and I’m impatient for him too.

I’m very thankful for our successes.  They give me hope that we might be turning a corner in this journey.  If nothing else, the food freedoms we are gaining are making for a happier Colin and mommy and that is always a good thing!


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