Chocolate Goodies for Valentines Day

Just wanted to pass on a few dairy and soy free chocolate goodies that you might want to try for Valentines Day.  I can’t eat chocolate yet (maybe next year) but hopefully you can!

1.  Amanda’s Own Chocolate  I found this website and then found an Amanda’s Own chocolate bar the same day when buying Valentines gifts at a local chocolate shop.  Developed by a family who couldn’t find allergy friendly chocolates for their daughter, Amanda’s Own chocolates are dairy free.  Their current recipe is soy free.  The old recipe contained soy lecithin and although they have cleaned the machinery, they do note that since soy was present at one time, soy lecithin could be present in their chocolate bars.

2.  It is nearing Passover so the Manischewitz Passover baking mixes are out in my grocery store and maybe yours too.  They are in the Kosher section of my store.   I saw fudgy brownie, brownie with frosting and chocolate cake mixes that were dairy and soy free.  You can click on the names of the products on their website for a list of ingredients.   I would grab these up if I could right now while they are around.  I haven’t had the chocolate baking mixes but I’ve had the moist white cake which is fantastic.


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