Manischewitz Marble Cake

Just wanted to do a quick review while Colin is napping.  I made a box of the Manischewitz Marble Cake mix, just the regular variety, not the extra moist which contains carrageenan.  I just put the chocolate batter in one part so I could eat the non-chocolate side.  Oh my goodness! It is moist and delicious and tastes like cake!  (If you’ve been following my blog, you know finding dairy/soy free cake mix that tastes good is quite a challenge!)   It contains wheat and potato starch.  The whole list is here:  You just need eggs and water to make the batter.

This stuff is expensive.  $5 for a teeny tiny pan, but I still went out and bought 4 more boxes of it.  My hope is that I will be able use it for Colin’s birthday or other dessert laden holidays if potato is a success.  If nothing else, I will eat it. I’m debating trying to make it into tiny cupcakes to see if it works in cupcake form.

It is my understanding that like Easter candy, these box mixes are only around right now for Passover.  I would highly recommend checking them out before they are gone! – click on individual products to get ingredient lists!

-And I swear I’m not affiliated with Manischewitz in any way, just very excited to find something fast and easy that tastes like real cake!






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