A break for Colin so we all get some sleep

Happy Friday!

I hope all of you had a happy Valentines Day!  We had a great Valentines day here, sitting around the table opening cards/gifts for each other after dinner.  Everyone was happy, full of smiles (which is a present itself that close to bedtime) and a great family moment.  Hannah was thrilled with her chocolates and Colin was very happy to get a balloon and toothbrush, his two favorite things.

We’ve taken a bit of a food trial break here.  The “give Colin only a bit of something new” approach wasn’t working out.  He was reacting to something we gave him in the last two weeks.  We started seeing some acid reflux and his sleep was terrible.  When his tummy is upset he has trouble going to sleep and staying asleep, up every 45 minutes to an hour some nights.   I’ve been barely sleeping and I felt like I was losing my mind.  It is tough to “go to work” as a stay at home mom day after day after night after night of poor quality fragmented sleep.   My batteries just never recharge.  This week we are back to his safe-list-only foods and things are better.  He settles better and gets some longer stretches.   I feel a little more human.

I’m not sure what food to trial next.  He didn’t want to eat sweet potato after the first two days so it was tough to decide how that one went.  Maybe we’ll file that one away and try it again.  After two bad weeks I don’t really want to retry something that we’ve failed before.  So something new I guess.  Cauliflower? Mushroom? Spinach?  Not sure how to prepare spinach for a baby who can’t chew yet.  Hmmmmm, got some thinking to do.

In more positive news, Colin is talking a lot more these days, communicating so well.  He is turning into a little boy and the baby is disappearing.  When he mimics something we say it just amazes me.  When he doesn’t know a word for something he is signing, pointing, grunting, yelling, whatever it takes, and when we figure it out he does this great little happy dance and giggle.  His whole body gets excited that we know what he is trying to tell us and its a wonderful moment.  We are almost excited as he is, loving that we can figure out what he needs.  Part of me can’t wait until he can tell me when food bothers him but a bigger part of me hopes his GI system will improve faster than his speech.

Have a great weekend!


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  1. Glad he’s getting some gut rest, and that you’re getting some “rest” rest! And hear hear on your last sentence – I hope my littles never have to learn the vocabulary they’ll need to tell me how sick they are, too!

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