Household Tips – One Handed Cutting

Just wanted to share a few timesavers this morning that go along with preparing food with kids.  Since I am often cooking during the sleepier/grumpier times of day (breakfast and dinner) I often have to prepare food while holding Colin on my hip.  Recently I discovered how useful a pizza cutter can be to cut up things that often take two hands.  Pancakes, waffles, sandwich crusts, pita bread, quesadillas and more are easily with one hand wielding a pizza cutter.   I usually lay the food, like a pancake, on a cutting board and dice it up with the pizza cutter into kid sized bites and then put it into a plate to serve.

The pizza cutter works really well for making “dippers,” as Hannah calls them, which are basically long strips of food she can dip into sauce.   For pancakes I make “dippers” and serve them with a plastic shot glass with a little bit of syrup in it (less than half full).  She enjoys the dipping and I can control the syrup consumption.  We do hamburger and chicken “dippers” too with ketchup, minus the shot glass.  It’s amazing how changing the way food is presented can persuade a kid to eat it!

I’ve also started using a pair of kitchen scissors (meaning one I keep for food, not cutting household stuff) to cut up spaghetti noodles for Colin quickly with one hand.   Just put the spaghetti in a bowl so it can’t get away from you and snip, snip snip.  Toddler sized noodles in no time!

Hope you are having a good week and if you are in the USA, surviving the time change!



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