Food Network Magazine April Has Lots Of Dairy/Soy Free Recipes

Food Network Magazine - April 2013

Food Network Magazine – April 2013

Just got my Food Network Magazine in the mail this last week.  I get overly excited when this magazine arrives.  It really is one of the few “splurges” for myself and provides me with a lot of cooking inspiration.

Recently the magazine and I had a falling out.  Last month was the CHEESE issue.  Yes, cheese.  When I already couldn’t partake in all the Valentines day goodies, Food Network had to salt the wound by making it cheese month.  I couldn’t handle seeing all the things I couldnt’ eat so I put that one away to read another time.   Luckily the Food Network magazine production staff has redeemed themselves with the April 2013 issue.

The April issue is a cache of dairy and soy free recipes.  I’m guessing they directed this issue more toward the folks celebrating Passover since its not a huge Easter eggstravaganza issue.   There is a section on flourless cakes, some made with matzo.  Like this Lemon Coconut Matzo jelly roll.   They also have a flourless carrot bundt cake that is dairy and soy free.  Maybe they are making nice with the dairy free crowd alienated by the last issue.  Whatever the motivation, on top of two delicious looking dairy and soy free cakes, I’ve counted at least 15 other recipes I could make.  There are loads more that I could easily substitute some oil in for butter or leave off the “finishing” cheese sprinkled on top.

So basically,if you need some new dairy and soy free ideas I’d highly recommend checking out this issue before it is gone from the newsstands.  As I try things I will be sure to post them here!


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