Always Check Ingredients! Case in Point: Grape Nuts

I’ve been eating Grape Nuts cereal forever. I don’t know why- it doesn’t have much going for it.  No, it is neither grapes nor nuts, but is actually made from wheat, barley and a few other ingredients.   There is just something about its simplicity and ability to keep me feeling full that has given it a stable spot in my breakfast routine.  I took a break when we couldn’t have milk substitutes but have been eating it again recently with rice milk. (Yes, I know about rice milk dangers- thats another post.)

I bought a new box this week and opened it up.  As I was about to pour it into a bowl, I noticed a new blue banner on the top of the box, one I had somehow missed in the store.  The banner said, “Now with 8g of Protein!”  I literally yelled,” OH NOO!!!”  I flipped the box over, wide-eyed, knowing what I would find.  SOY!  Now filled with 8 grams of isolated soy protein.  ARGGGH!!  Unbelievable.  Grape Nuts jumped on the “lets add protein to cereal bandwagon” with all the rest of the marketing crazies.  Usually I do read all ingredient lists. My eyes are amazingly good at spotting the word soybean in a long list of ingredients. I didn’t this time, so it is my own fault.

Thankfully I didn’t eat it.  Hannah likes it for breakfast, like mother like daughter I guess, so it won’t totally go to waste.  However I don’t feel that great giving it to her, knowing it is full of processed soy.  The more I learn about soy, the less I like it.

So the lesson here folks is like I say in all my product lists/reviews: Check anything you buy in the store. Every time! (That goes for me too!)


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  1. Now you can only get the original non-GMO, non-soy cereal by buying the “Grape Nuts Vintage” cereal through their website (as far as I can tell). So sad that the great original recipe has been relagated to a limited edition “vintage” line.

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