In with new food, out with nursing

Spring is here!  Finally!  Winter hung on for so long this year.  Hannah kept yelling at winter “Go home winter! Pack your bags and go!”  What a nut!  She loves the outdoors and couldn’t be happier that the nice weather has finally arrived.

Although one Easter celebration was canceled, I did get a few of the Easter menu recipes made and will be posting them/reviewing them in the next few weeks.  Life has been pretty crazy here, with all the cooking and traveling for Easter as well as working on a big fundraising night for Hannah’s school.  Hopefully it will be a little calmer for a while.

Colin is doing really well.  We’ve been able to add peanut butter to his diet!  When he was really little if I ate any peanut butter he broke out in a rash.  He’d always get big hive like spots on his face.  We didn’t actually mean to try peanut butter yet, he stuck his finger in the jar while I was holding him and I didn’t catch it until it was already in his mouth.  After a moment of panic on my part, he did fine and we decided to take advantage of the moment and make it an official trial.  He seems to be doing just fine with it!  Granted he only has a little bit of it smeared on pita bread or on a rice cake, but we are calling it a pass.  We are really excited this highly allergenic food is a pass for him (his issues are so strange like that) and that he has another fat source in his diet. Not to mention more variety!  He is definitely happy to have a new food.

Colin and I are working on the weaning process.  I don’t have a plan or schedule I go by.  I’m trying to let nature take its course.  I did the same with Hannah and my body stopped making milk as we reduced our nursing sessions.   The days Colin eats enough table food he doesn’t really ask to nurse much so it is happening on its own.  However, he almost stops eating when he is teething or sick so he nurses a lot then, making it a slow process.   And he still nurses at night.   It is a sleep crutch but not one we were willing to fight since he has food issues. We are glad he gets the extra calories but would love to make his food trials/reactions easier to understand by removing me from the list of variables.

Part of me is really really happy to be starting down this path with Colin and part of me is terribly sad. I’m an emotional rollercoaster about it all, no doubt due to the changing hormones but also knowing a familiar and well-loved chapter in my life as a mom is coming to an end.   I will miss my little nursling when it is all said and done and the baby days will really be over.  I’ve loved all the quiet moments, those middle of the night meetups for just me and him, the comfort and closeness it provided and the convenience/security of knowing I always had safe food for him on hand wherever we went.  Although nursing has required me to give up my body, my sleep, any independence and my diet, looking back I still feel it has been a wonderful experience for us.  I’m thankful for the opportunity and will treasure the memories we’ve created.

My little baby is growing too fast and becoming a little boy!  On to new phases and new hopefully new foods!



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