Dairy Free Yogurts

August has arrived and isn’t far from being gone! We are wrapping up our crazy summer and sadly waving goodbye to the vacation trips in our rearview mirror.   We put roughly 3400 miles on the cars just from summer trips.  The kids became pros in the car and all the time at beaches and pools has turned them into little fishes.  This summer’s travel was a lot less stressful than last year, since I could eat more, Colin is eating more and I have several “how to pack/travel with food allergies” trips under my belt.  I have a good idea of what to bring from my house, what we need to find, and what meals to make while away from home.

One of the new food finds that went along in our cooler this summer was Almond Dream’s almond based yogurts.   Hannah loves dairy yogurt and since Colin wants to be just like his sister, I’ve been trying to find something he could eat.  We’ve found two brands we like:  Almond Dream and So Delicious  so I thought I’d share them here in case you might be looking for something to replace dairy yogurt in your house.

1.  Almond Dream – almond milk based yogurt-   This is by far our favorite.   The vanilla, strawberry and mixed berry are huge hits in our house.  I will even finish any of Colin’s leftovers, they are so good.  Side by side with a dairy based vanilla yogurt, you’d be able to tell it is almond milk but I like these much better than the coconut yogurts we’ve tried.    I haven’t been able to get the ‘plain’ flavor yet, so I can’t comment on its taste, but the vanilla and fruity ones are great.  The texture is nice and thick, like a regular yogurt.  My one tip is to stir them before eating.  The yogurt on the very top can be slightly different in texture but is fine once stirred.

2. So Delicious brand-  cultured coconut milk –  This is the runner-up in our house that I bought before I found the Almond Dream.  Colin and I both found the vanilla flavor much tastier than the strawberry or raspberry versions, the only other two they carry in our store.  The carrageenan bothered me so I wasn’t crazy about it but Colin did eat some of it without issues.

3. So Delicious cultured almond milk yogurt–  I wanted to throw this one in this post.  We haven’t been able to try this one since it contains pea protein and we haven’t passed peas yet but it is dairy and soy free.

I am still looking for a “plain” flavored yogurt that I might be able to use in place of sour cream.  These days I see lots of recipes using plain greek yogurt in place of sour cream to make dips or add moisture to baked goods.  Some of the yogurts mentioned above do come in plain but our grocery store doesn’t carry them.  If you’ve found one,  I’d love to hear about it!