Dairy-Soy Free Products

These are some things that have helped us work around food protein issues, especially dairy and soy.  These items were at least dairy and soy free the last time I bought them.  If you can’t find them in your stores, don’t be afraid to ask if they can order it in for you. You might be surprised.  I’ve also found a local health food store willing to special order in anything I need.  I sometimes buy things on www.Amazon.com  or www.shoporganic.com when I don’t want to drive all over with two kids to buy one small thing we need.

Also see my list of dairy/soy free meal ideas.  There is a snack food section.

**Always read the packages of everything you buy to make sure it is safe for you.   Everytime! Ingredients can change at any time without notice. **

Grocery Store Items

Butter Replacements

  1. Earth’s Balance Soy Free Dairy Free Spread- I use for any baking that really requires a butter like substance. Also good on toast, bagels.
  2. Earth’s Balance Coconut Spread – works great in baking, delicious on toast.  Some recipes you can’t taste the coconut at all and sometimes it is very prominent. Trial and error here.
  3. Spectrum palm oil shortening – I use for some baking and for frostings.  Holds up in frosting better than Earth’s Balance. No weird flavors.
  4. Canola oil or Olive oil – I use this in place of butter for cooking and a lot of baking

General Food Items

  1. Tuna-  Wild Planet Tuna and Whole foods 365 brand tuna –  Almost every tuna on the market contains soy. Be careful- sometimes it is not listed as an ingredients but there is a warning later on in the label declaring it contains soy.
  2. Bread Crumbs- Whole Foods 365 brand is dairy and soy free.
  3. Croutons – 365 Everyday Value Organic Croutons -Seasoned variety from Whole Foods
  4. Lunchmeat-  We eat Boars Head OvenGold Turkey and the new Oscar Mayer Selects
  5. Pasta Sauces – Lidia’s Tomato Basil, Alessi brand marinara or Full Circle Organic (most varieties), Prego Traditional
  6. Taco Shells –   Hard:  Old El Paso Stand N Stuff Taco Shells   – Soft:   Baja Low Fat Flour Tortillas
  7. Frontera Red Chile Enchilada Sauce
  8. Broth –   Emeril’s Organic Chicken broth, Imagine Organic Vegetable Broth, Swanson beef broth
  9. Bouillon/Stock Maker-  Penzey’s Chicken Soup Base/Seasoning
  10. Pie Crust – Wholly Wholesome traditional frozen pie crust
  11. Chocolate Chips – Enjoy life brand  or Amanda’s Own (online- they are dairy free and current recipe is soy free)
  1. Hellman’s Canola Mayonnaise – I buy this at Target – tastes just like regular mayo
  2. Spectrum Canola Mayonnaise – I buy at Whole Foods. I used it before I found the Hellman’s.
  3. Salad Dressing – I make my own using Penzey’s Italian or Greek dressing mixes using olive oil.  I make Penzey’s Green Goddess mix, Creamy Peppercorn or Ranch using Hellman’s canola mayo and water.
  4. Taco Seasoning-  Penzey’s Chicken Taco seasoning
  5. Soy Sauce Substitute-  Coconut Secret Coconut Aminos- I find this at Whole Foods. On the sweet side but it works!


  1. Rudi’s brand whole wheat bread and bagels  – always read every package but these are usually dairy/soy free
  2. Bagels Forever brand bagels  (at least blueberry and cinnamon raisin) – I get these in the freezer section
  3. Dierbergs Bake at Home bread- some varieties
  4. Kangaroo Pitas
  5. (Homemade) This book has allowed me to make homemade bread easily while caring for two kids.  No kneading required.  Will review this book in more depth soon.
  6. Some Costco bread products – I found fresh French Bread and Rosemary Bread that were safe
  7. Some Whole Foods brand breads, both the sandwich sliced types and fresh artisan loaves

Milk Replacements

  1. Rice milk  – I use Rice Dream right now- it is carrageenan free.  I use this in baking all the time
    1. I  use this for evaported milk by boiling it down/reducing it by half, add 1 tblsp canola oil and then use when cool
  2. Almond Milk – Also great for baking
  3. Oat milk – made by Pacific Natural Foods.  Strangely found this in our grocery store’s organic broth section and not milk section. Hmm.
  4. Hemp Milk –   Made from hemp. No THC.  I’ve had hemp milk ice cream but not the boxed milk. Found in our local grocery store.
  5. Grain Milk-  also made by Pacific Natural Foods but I haven’t tried this yet.
  6. Sunflower milk– haven’t tried this one yet
  7. Coconut Milk – available in most milk sections now. These are thin like milk.  The coconut milk in a can is much thicker. I also use this in baking but coconut milk has a much stronger flavor than other milk substitutes.


  1. BioGaia -baby drops only are soy and dairy free.  It does contain sunflower oil. Made a huge difference for us.
  2. Culturelle for kids – we mix it into Colin’s juice a few times a week when he doesn’t get Neocate Jr.
  3. Neocate Jr.-   We’ve used Neocate Jr. since Colin turned 1 – mixing it into smoothies has worked the best
  4. Gummy Calcium Supplements –  Lil Critter brand is tasty, soft and milk free.  Ingredients listed on their site.
  5. Gummy Vitamins  –   Lil Critter Brand

Allergy Friendly Restaurants

  1. See my post here

8 responses

  1. I love your blog!! Getting ready for my baby girls first birthday in a couple weeks and I plan on using your buttercream recipe but I was just wondering if you know of any good boxed MSPI safe cake mixes!? Thanks! 🙂

  2. I’ve had to deal with severe dairy/soy intolerances in my little nurslings. I stumbled upon some amazing protein shakes through a friend that are dairy/soy free and delicious. Full of superfoods and probiotics. Happy to share more information to anyone interested! Also, Panera Bread is the one place I feel like I can eat out!

  3. Thank you for your lists. I’m 57 years old & have stomach problem for about three years, and terrible sore throats when I ate salads. Then anaphaxis started and vomiting. Finally, we narrowed it to soy, which is in EVERYTHING! I literally could have died. I’m emailing every company that I know to tell them to stop using soy or at least prominately label their products. Soy is actually terrible for post menopausal women, but we in particular are sold it as health food.

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