Food Allergy Treatment News

The kids are getting settled into their school routines and my wits are slowly returning as I get used to our new schedules.  It’s been a big life change with Hannah in kindergarten, Colin starting a Mother’s Day Out program as well as some changes in my work duties. Colin has been giving up his nap a lot of days which means getting to the computer has been really tough.

So what have I been doing when I wasn’t blogging?  Well when I have had a few minutes of free time, I have been working on freezer meal recipes.  These are recipes you make ahead, bag in zip top bags and freeze to cook and eat later.   I’ve been trying to make my cooking duties a little easier and have some backup plans for busy nights.  It took a while to find some that didn’t have milk in them but I just assembled a big batch of dairy and soy free freezer meal recipes.   As they come out of the freezer an onto our dinner table I will be sharing them with you!

I also found some food allergy treatment news online that I wanted to share:

Dr. Stephen Tilles, of the Northwest Asthma and Allergy Center in Seattle says they are trying oral immunotherapy and skin patch immunotherapy to help treat food allergies.   These treatments are still experimental and I don’t know how they might fit with non Ig-E allergies, like food intolerances/MSPI, but it is exciting to see research happening in this area.

Here are the articles if you are interested in leaning more:


Hope you are having a wonderful October!!