Almost almonds

If you read my post about peanuts you know that early on we originally cut out all nuts from my diet over a hunch I had , but we really weren’t sure if all nuts were bad news.  Peanuts were a fail so I decided to try almonds.  If they were a pass I would try other nuts but if Colin had a reaction I would stop altogether with the nuts.

Although I was hoping for Colin’s sake that he could tolerate almonds, I had my own selfish reasons for choosing that nut to try next.  I really really wanted access to all the almond products on the market like almond milk, almond ice cream and almond butter.  I miss foods like ice cream and peanut butter soo much.  If I never had to look at peanut butter I probably wouldn’t miss it terribly, but Hannah enjoys it so it is out of the cupboard quite often.  Almond butter is a really close second to peanut butter and I would eat that in its place, no problem.  And ice cream.  Oh, ice cream.  I never ate that much of it before but I think it is the epitome of fatty delicious dairy so when I think about what dairy I’d like to eat, I long for ice cream. True, almond ice cream isn’t the same, but since I’m out of ideas for safe milk substitutes, I can’t even make my own right now.

For this food challenge I started with just a few raw almonds and upped the number I ate over several days before trying almond milk and a few days later,  almond butter.  At first I thought things were going well.  I didn’t see any major changes and Colin’s eczema was not too terrible.  I was able to make recipes needing milk substitute, like quiche, which was both exciting and delicious.  Late  last week though,  it dawned on my husband and I that Colin has been progressively spitting up more and more and his eczema starting looking a lot worse as the week went on.    I realized too that Colin was generally sleeping terribly and he hasn’t been smiling very much.  Poor little guy. Based on our history with other foods, I had been expecting a big obvious reaction if almonds were a problem.

About 3 or 4 days after removing all traces of almond from my diet Colin, reverted back to his happy talkative self and we all required much fewer wardrobe changes thanks to less spit-up.  So it is bye-bye nuts for probably a year or so.  I didn’t have time to get used to eating almonds so it is not terrible giving them up but oh, those few spoonfuls of almond butter were soooo good.