6 months but hold the solids

Colin had his six-month checkup last week.  I was happy to hear he is growing well, a healthy happy guy.  He had dropped a bit in his weight percentile but still falling right around his growth curves so the pediatrician was happy.

Unfortunately two days after his appointment Colin came down with something and now has an ear infection, stuff going on in his lungs and tonsilitis.  He is so miserable.  The doctor prescribed an antibiotic which I had to run home and look up to make sure the inactive ingredients didn’t contain any allergens.  I think we are safe on that front but I really hope it doesn’t aggravate his reflux or intestinal issues.  He’s never had an antibiotic so we’ll see how this goes.  After we get through the ear infections etc. he will get rechecked to make sure everything is cleared up and then he can get his 6 month vaccinations.  Once he bounces back from those and his tummy settles again we are supposed to think starting him on solid foods.

Solids?  Really?  Yikes!  I can’t believe that day is almost here.  With Hannah we were so excited about starting rice cereal and couldn’t wait to watch her discover food.  With Colin, well, I really don’t want to go down that road yet.  To be honest, I am dreading it.  There has been a part of my brain just ignoring the fact that yes, someday Colin will have to eat like the rest of us.  No, I didn’t plan on breastfeeding him forever, but I hoped he would have grown out of his allergies before we had to try solids.  We see what happens when something offending comes through my breastmilk,  how long it takes him to recover, and can’t imagine what it will be like if he actually eats an offending food directly.  Since we haven’t figured all of his food triggers out (and I doubt we will really) it is hard to know what is safe to start with.

Colin can’t do the usual rice cereal and so many food categories are off the table.  I thought about a fruit or veggie but the pediatrician wants us to make sure he gets enough iron.  So, I’m thinking maybe a wheat or oatmeal cereal that is iron fortified but also not contaminated with soy.  I’ve read several big name baby food brands have soy in them.  I made most of Hannah’s baby foods so I’ll have to reread my baby food books and come up with some kind of game plan in the next few weeks.

Also, what about my diet?  If we introduce a new food to Colin every 7 days I will have to make sure I am eating the same thing day in and day out to ensure we can be sure any reactions are to the new solid foods and not something that came through my breastmilk.   Sometimes Colin only reacts after I’ve increased the amount of something I am eating so we will have to be wary of compounding reactions.

Too bad we didn’t win that big lottery.  Crazy expensive prescription formula is looking better and better.

Anyone who has been through this and has advice, I’d love your thoughts.