Antibiotics done, on to shots

Good news at the doctor’s office this week.  Colin’s ear infections and tonsilitis are gone.  Colin did pretty well with the antibiotics.  We definitely saw a flare up in his reflux.  He started arching his back a lot, choking while nursing and spitting up more.  A few days into the medicine,  I started him back on his probiotics.  I’d stopped for a while, no real reason why, but now we are back on the BioGaia wagon.  His diapers were a lot more um, explosive while on antibiotics but overall his GI system seemed to handle the antibiotic pretty well.

Since he was doing so well we went ahead and got his 6 month shots yesterday.  I was preparing for the usual days of terribleness but Colin seems to be handling this round better than the last one.   Last time he was just miserable and we had green scary diapers for at least two weeks.  We are on day 2 now and although he is not a happy camper, his GI system isn’t too worse for the wear.  Maybe his system is getting more mature or maybe it is because he spit out 90% of the rotovirus vaccine this time.  I’m no doctor but I think that specific one may be what really puts his belly through the wringer.  We are completely done with that series now so hopefully the next round of vaccines will be even easier.

I’m happy to write that I am feeling more excited about Colin starting solid foods in a week or two.  I think the shock of this phase approaching so rapidly has worn off and I have accepted that we will take it one day, or food, at a time.  Really, how did this baby get to be 6 months already?  Anyway, more of my trepidation is turning into anticipation now that I have a plan. We are going to bypass rice cereal and start with iron fortified oatmeal.  Although I could make my own oatmeal, it is the iron the pediatrician really wanted us to add to his diet.  I found a baby oatmeal cereal made by Happy Bellies that is a single grain, clearly marked dairy and soy free, contains probiotics and iron.  Hopefully the Happy Bellies will make for a happy Colin belly.